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Do you know what remote repair is?

What is remote computer assistance? - This means connecting a specialist to your computer, tablet, mobile device based on Android or iOS via the Internet to solve the tasks you set. Which ones? - Yes, almost any: removing viruses and installing antivirus programs, cleaning and optimizing the operating system, configuring programs, learning how to work with them, and much more.

You can't take your computer to a service center or call a specialist at home? Then remote help is exactly what you need Attention! Good news for those who value
with your own time and money-remote repairs are faster
and at least twice as cheap as the masters.
Computer viruses. Signs of infection.
Most often, malicious code is destroyed by antivirus protection,
but there are times when viruses manage to break through a gap in the defense
and the computer refuses to function properly.
Suspicion of infection occurs when the computer behaves "strangely" :
- significantly reduces the performance of the system, and it starts to " slow down»
even when performing the simplest tasks,
- apps may not work quite correctly,
- incomprehensible messages and pop-up windows periodically appear on the screen,
- set passwords for yandex. Mail don't work in instant messengers
there are unusual messages with links to third-party sources,
- antivirus software sites automatically stop updating their security software.
If these signs appear, it is necessary...
Start treating your computer immediately.
Neglect of security measures
It can lead to sad consequences.
Scan your system with several antivirus programs,
since, they can be damaged,
after all, the task of an attacker, when uploading malicious code to the system, is to neutralize the application in order to detect it.
Where are the deleted files stored?
After emptying the trash or deleting files using the Shift+Delete key combination, the system deletes the so-called "link" to the file through which the information is read. This procedure makes the file hidden from the operating system, but it does not physically disappear from the drive, but remains in the form of a certain volume on which information can be overwritten.

Deleting files without the possibility of recovery
If the deleted file is overwritten with new data, then its recovery will be almost impossible, but this process is impossible to predict, so there is a potential possibility that the file remained and it can be restored.

Why is your computer slowing down?
The reasons are divided into software and hardware. That is, problems in the operating system or in the computer itself.
If you do not have an old computer (up to 5 years old), then in 90% of cases the reason lies in a software failure.
An old computer (more than 5 years old) may have problems with components that need to be replaced
or repair it. Sometimes, just clean the device from dust and performance returns to normal.



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